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Antoine Lhonoré Piquet

He is an actor, he is single, he is 30 years old, and he is a seductive man. Not dating for several months, he’s letting himself go to idleness and easy sex. Sheltered in his bachelor flat in Paris, he is into his dependencies and shares his life with his 3 mistresses. Up to now, our guy feels happy, healthy and well-balanced….until one of his mistresses starts putting some distance between them. Weakened by the break-up, he gets lost in his introspection. He has the feeling that he does not control his life anymore. This same feeling also reveals one by one all the different masks he has been wearing throughout his life, to finally show the portrait of a lonely, selfish and unhappy man…who is slowly going to self-destruction every time he is with a new girl and discovers with terror his real face…

    • 29:05
    • 410 円